How To Take Stunning PhotosOf Animals In Their Habitat



Aarzoo Khurana



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Who Is This For

For anyone who is fascinated about capturing wildlife and the skills needed to get started


What I'll Teach

  • A day in a life of a wildlife photographer and what it took to become one
  • Fundamental skills to get you started
  • Lessons learnt along the way and effective steps to learning the art of wildlife photography
  • Tips to get out there and start taking photos

About Me


Aarzoo Khurana

Hi, I’m Aarzoo. I am a Wildlife Photographer, a teacher, and a mentor. I strive to find beauty in the elements of nature and paint through the lens colors of nature in all their splendor. I believe my photos to be a dance of light and shadows, portraying some of the most engaging moments one might witness in the wild. As a wildlife photographer, my focus has always been common subjects in interesting compositions. I have received great appreciation from BBC, Sony BBC EARTH, National Geographic, Discovery, and Readers Digest. I am also a brand ambassador for Sony Alpha. I look forward to sharing my experience through this workshop.

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