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Meet your favorite athletes from ONE Championship

Access to ONE Championship exclusive events and merch

Chance to become an official ONE Championship Creator

Free 4-month content creation training

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4 Months Training

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4 Months Training

Your voice can change the world. Become a content creator now!
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Calling all ONE Championship fans! Do you want to learn how to become a content creator to use your voice to empower and inspire others, get free training from Nas Academy trainers –and meet your favorite athlete or even Chatri, the CEO and Founder of ONE Championship? We want you!

Your challenge will be to help us spread the message of ONE Championship through creating killer short-form videos on social media. This 4-month fellowship is going to walk you through the fundamentals of how to create great content through scripting, shooting, editing and publishing to promote this global sports media platform with a broadcast to 150+ countries.

We will choose 150 creators to make 5 videos – and the top 100 will become an official ONE Championship Creator. You’ll get the chance to learn from the team behind Nas Academy and Nas Daily videos and build your portfolio. You’ll also get 1:1 mentorship opportunities with trainers, networking opportunities with creators from all around the world and a chance to meet your favorite ONE Championship athlete.

This is your shot to kickstart your content creation career, get involved with one of the biggest sports broadcasters, and build a creative community that lasts a lifetime

Ready for the challenge? Let’s go!

Course Schedule

Session 1

How to Come Up With Great Ideas for Your Videos

In this session we’ll give you an introduction to content creation, and discuss why short videos are a really big deal. We’ll take a look at some successful creators in the short video space, and explore various categories of video content. You will also learn Nas Daily’s tips for coming up with video ideas, to help you come up with ideas for your next video!

Session 2

How to Write Scripts That Engage and Retain Viewers

In this class we’ll discuss different scripting styles using creator examples, to help you understand the basics of scripting and why it’s important. You will learn Nas Daily’s Golden 3, and how you can apply them to create scripts for videos that will hook and retain viewers. You will also develop your scripting and storytelling skills through in-class activities!

Session 3

How to Film Amazing Videos Using Your Smartphone

Filming a video on your smartphone is easy! All you have to do is press record, right? Well, yes and no. If you want to end up creating a really fun and engaging video, you’re gonna need to do more than that. In this session you will learn about the basics of filming, types of shots and why they matter, as well as tips and tricks to help you film better videos creatively!

Session 4

How to Edit Videos on Mobile

Editing on a computer has it’s advantages, however most videos online, especially short videos, can actually be edited using nothing more than your smartphone! In this session you will learn the basics of video editing, from cutting, cropping and trimming, to using text, effects and transitions to enhance your videos and make them more exciting to watch!

Session 5

How to Set Your Videos up for Success When Publishing

In this session you will learn about the key steps to keep in mind when publishing your videos on short video platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. We will learn about metadata, why it matters as well as talk about engagement on social media and which essential metrics play a part in determining the success of your videos.

Session 6

Content Strategy, Branding, and Monetization Methods

Creating 1 video is very different from creating 100, or 1000. In this session we’ll discuss branding, why it’s important, as well as some ways you can start building your brand as a content creator. We will also discuss monetization, and the various methods you can use to earn money as content creator.

Session 7

Student Video Showcase

In this session we will view your final video as well as the videos created by your classmates, with your trainers providing live feedback. We will also discuss the next steps in your journey as a content creator.


3-Month Mentorship Program

A 3-month long mentorship program where you will put into practice everything you have learnt and create some amazing videos!

  • You will create 24 short videos using what you’ve learned
  • Weekly mentorship sessions and community experience
  • Fireside chats with ONE Championship athletes and executives
  • Access to exclusive ONE Championship events and experiences



Meet your favorite athletes from ONE Championship

Access to ONE Championship exclusive events and merch

Chance to become an official ONE Championship Creator

Free 4-month content creation training

What's Included

  • Learn Digital Skills

    to create content for social media

  • Creative Community

    of like-minded content creators and mentors to support you

  • Opportunity to be Selected

    as an official ONE Championship Creator

  • Exclusive Meetup with your favorite ONE Championship athletes

    1-1 interaction with your favorite ONE Championship athletes if your videos stand out!

Who Is This For?

If you are...

A ONE Championship Super Fan

Interested in working with ONE and meeting a star athlete of your choice

An Aspiring Content Creator

Looking to become a killer content creator and start building your career and network

A Sports Media Fanatic

Eager to get involved in content creation with one of the world’s biggest sports broadcasters

Selection Process


Application - Closes 06 June

Submit a 60-second video and tell us why you should be selected for this program , your content creation experience and your favorite ONE Championship athlete.


Selection - 06-10 June

We will screen all applications and hand-pick the best candidates for a short interview.


Results - 17 June

Successful applicants will be notified and guided through an onboarding process.


All you need to know

What is ONE Championship?

ONE Championship ranks among the world's top 10 sports media properties for viewership and engagement and has a cumulative reach of over 400 million fans, according to Nielsen. ONE produces and distributes world-class events across more than 150 countries, featuring martial artists and World Champions from over 80 nations and all styles of martial arts including MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. ONE can be viewed on many of the largest global free-to-air and digital broadcasters, including Star Sports, Beijing TV, iQIYI, TV5, Turner Sports, SCTV, Startimes, Thairath TV, Skynet, Mediacorp, Great Sports, Spark Sport, Match TV, Dubai Sports, and more.

    Who is Nas Academy?

    We’re humans just like you who like to make videos! Nas Academy is the brain child of Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily. Nas Daily videos have been seen more than 6 billion times. Our headquarters is in Singapore but want to teach everyone, everywhere how to make compelling videos that will change the world.

      What will I learn?

      The Nas Academy creates creators. We want to impart the knowledge that made Nas Daily the storytelling powerhouse it is today!

        1-Month Mastercourse: Our course is unique – high energy, hard work and lots of fun. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to script, film, edit and present.

          3-Month Mentorship: Our qualified mentors will be giving you 1:1 feedback on your script and videos in order to supercharge you for next 3 months and beyond.

            Please note that both sections to the program are mandatory.

              Who can apply?

              This course is available to anyone over 16 years old. Your level in video making does not matter. All levels are welcome. We have people who have experience with photography and making videos and plenty of those who don’t. This course is perfect for anyone who is passionate about telling stories.

                How much time should I set aside for the course?

                Short answer: 6 hours per week.

                  Long answer: Each week has 2 classes. Each class is 2 hours long, plus 1 hour of community time. Plus, we’ll have 2 digital labs, 1 hour each, where we get together and see if there’s any questions. Aaaaand don’t forget to set time aside to work on your projects. So, in total, around 6 hours per week!

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