Make Quality Live Streams For Beginners

Welwel Silvestre


CS Artist Lab


Welwel Silvestre

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Who Is This For

Anyone who wants to create entertaining live streams on their social media platforms

Welwel Silvestre

What I'll Teach

  • Basic live streaminng tips
  • How to conceptualize your live stream
  • How to find your live stream niche
  • How to project yourself in front of an audience

About Me

Welwel Silvestre

Welwel Silvestre

Hey, I’m Welwel! I’m a proud alumna of CS Artist Lab - Cornerstone Entertainment’s official training camp. I am also a theater actor, professor, and live streamer. I first got into the world of live streaming because of my love for meeting new people and fascination with entertainment. I will help you improve your live streaming abilities and teach you how to shine on any live streaming platform.

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