Learn Viral TikTok Dance Moves

Rayt Carreon


CS Artist Lab


Rayt Carreon

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Who Is This For

Aspiring dancers who are looking for a way to express themselves artistically

Rayt Carreon

What I'll Teach

  • Basic hip-hop dance moves
  • Body, mind, and music connection
  • Putting the right amount of energy to your moves
  • A short step-by-step choreography

About Me

Rayt Carreon

Rayt Carreon

Hi, my name's Rayt, I am an alumnus of CS Artist Lab, the official training camp of Cornerstone Entertainment. Most people know me as “Hashtag Rayt” and today I am with CS Artist Lab to give back. I'm a dancer and recording artist who has been busting moves since my first appearance on ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime”. I released my first single back in 2018 and am continuing to fuel my passion for music, acting, and dancing. I will teach you how to impress people as you dance to any popular hit song.

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