Master NFTs in 7 Days

About This Class

Why NFTs Have Value

Learn why NFTs have value and why they are revolutionary.

Ben Yu

Where to Get Started

The first thing you need to do is set up a crypto wallet, and safely buy cryptocurrency.

Ben Yu

How to Mint/Trade NFTs

Real-world project creators will walk you through how to buy and sell NFTs from marketplaces.

Mint How To

Different Kinds of NFTs

All of the major types of NFTs have their own unique opportunities to explore.

Different NFTs

Buy the Right NFTs

Learn the best strategies that experts have been using to research and choose NFTs.

Right NFTs

How to Create NFTs

Start selling your own art by coming up with a project idea and minting your own NFTs.

Mint NFTs

Class Curriculum

01What are NFTs?

You might believe in NFTs, you might not. Chances are, if you're here, and you've paid for this course, you at least think there's something here that's worth exploring. Either way, it will be important for you to be able to explain to the rest of the world, which is 99% skeptical at this moment, why NFTs are so powerful, and why their arguments are flawed

Why NFTs are worth a billion dollars

What is an NFT?.

Why NFTs have value.

Why Are NFTs a Technological Revolution?

Get Setup with Crypto to Buy NFTs

02How to Buy NFTs (Basic) Part I

For those who want to invest in NFTs, this module is all about the basics of buying NFTs. We walk through how to buy on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and more.

How to Set Up Your Wallet to Buy and Sell NFTs

How to buy NFTs

Introduction to Metaverse NFTs

How to Mint Your First NFT for Free

What NFT Should You Buy?

03How to Buy NFTs (Basic) Part II

Here, we cover much more on the different kinds of NFTs you can buy and how to buy them - moving from collections to 1/1 art to gaming and metaverse NFTs.

Introduction to Minting Tools

How to Buy NFTs After They are Minted

How to Find Good Art to Mint

04Strategies to Buy the Right NFTs Part I

Now that you know how to buy NFTs, the next step is learning how to buy the right ones. Learn to use tools and strategies that only experts know, and learn how to do your own research to pick the right projects to buy.

Introduction to Minting Tools

05Strategies to Buy the Right NFTs Part II

Continue learning how to pick the right NFTs and how to use advanced tools such as rarity snipers, wallet trackers, market data aggregators, and more. Learn also how to avoid being scammed and how to navigate NFT Discords safely.

Advanced NFT Tools

Difference Between On-Chain and Off-Chain Data

How to Save Money on Gas Fees

How to Buy NFTs Through Your Phone

06Bonus Content

The founder of Figma shares his insights on NFTs in this exclusive interview.

Bonus Material (Interview with Dylan Field)

About Ben Yu

Ben Yu

I’m Ben Yu – NFT collector, crypto investor, and the co-founder of Curious Addys (an NFT and crypto education platform). I’ve spent several years navigating the exciting world of crypto and watching it go from a small group of those in-the-know, to becoming a cultural movement that’s changing the internet.NFTs are one of the coolest parts of crypto. They’re also the most misunderstood. People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a JPEG - that’s crazy! The thing is, NFTs are the heart and soul of crypto. Entire communities are built around NFT collections. NFTs are about community and people making a living by doing what they love. That’s why I created this course. I want people to understand why everyone is so excited about NFTs, and why you should be too. I’m going to teach you all about those Non-Fungible Tokens, how they work, and why they’re changing the internet. I’m also going to teach you some of the best strategies to get involved. Whether you want to become an investor, mint your own collection, or just understand what’s happening and educate yourself - this is the fundamental NFT course for beginners, and I’m super excited to have you on board.

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Ben Yu

Master NFTs In 7 Days

with Ben Yu

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