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I’ve been many things: Harvard student (and dropout), Thiel Fellow, programmer, founder, and multi-millionaire. I first encountered crypto in 2013 and what began as a side hobby has become my career. I’ve since spent years building my crypto portfolio, making a living from crypto and NFT investments. I’ve been a speaker at companies such as Google and conferences such as Global Blockchain Summit to talk about my experiences with crypto. Now, I’ve cofounded an educational NFT project, Curious Addys, to help teach the world about NFTs.You may have heard of NFTs. Maybe you know a bit about them and want to invest, but don’t know where to start - or maybe you’ve already invested and got burned, and want to do it right. That’s where I come in. I’ll show you everything you need to know about the world of NFTs, how to invest, and how to make money safely and avoid losing it to scams, hacks, and bad projects. You’ll learn the basics from the ground up, and progress to completing this course as a master. NFTs are one of the most exciting innovations in history, and will change the world as much as they’ve changed my life. Get ready to change yours.

What You’ll Learn

Why NFTs Have Value

Learn why NFTs have value and why they are revolutionary.

Ben Yu

How to Get Started

Learn how to set up a crypto wallet and buy and transfer crypto.

Ben Yu

How To Mint/Trade NFTs

Learn how to mint from project creators and buy/sell NFTs from secondary marketplaces.

Mint How To

Different Kinds of NFTs

Learn about the major kinds of NFTs and the unique opportunities presented by each class of NFTs.

Different NFTs

Buy the Right NFTs

Learn many of the strategies employed by experts to find and research the best NFTs to buy.

Right NFTs

How To Create NFTs

Learn how to mint your own NFTs and start selling your art or your project to the world.

Create NFTs

What You’ll Get

Begin Your Collection

The first 1000 students who purchase this course will receive an NFT

Ben Yu

Join an NFT Community

Become a part of a global community of NFT experts and enthusiasts

Ben Yu

Meet Ben Yu

Meet Ben Yu, one of the leading experts in the crypto industry, and ask him all your burning questions

Mint How To

NFTs I Own

CryptoPunk #9242
CryptoPunk #9242
Purchased for 101 ETH (~$450,000)
World of Women #5515
Curious Addy #4999
Founding Addy from
Chain Runners (53 owned)
Chain Runners (53 owned)
Purchased for 3 ETH for all 53 (~$15,000).
Ursala’s Freedom
Ursala’s Freedom
Custom art commissioned by me from a Zimbabwean artist, VintageMozart.
Curious Addy
World of Women #5515
Purchased for 10 ETH (~$45,000)

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About Me

Ben Yu

Ben Yu

I’m a Harvard dropout, a Thiel Fellow, and an entrepreneur. I’ve been investing in crypto for 8 years now, and have made over $7 million from an initial investment of just $10,000. I’ve now invested over $1 million into NFTs and have made over $1.5 million selling my own NFT collection,

About Curious Addys

Curious Addys

The First Educational NFT Project

Curious Addys is designed to be the natural first stop for anyone entering NFTs, with a community of thousands of learners dedicated to helping each other grow and progress in NFTs safely. Curious Addys is building the first ever virtual trading platform for NFTs and crypto, where you can master trading and learn from experts risk free, and earn real money doing so.

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Ben Yu

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