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Creator Accelerator Program OverviewA program designed for you to start creating5 years ago, the world had 5 million social media creators. Today, that number is over 50 million. Welcome to the Creator Revolution. Now, for the first time ever, you can actually get a job doing what you love. You can be a social media manager, a digital marketer on TikTok, or a community manager on Discord. Not only are these the world’s newest jobs, they are guaranteed to be in-demand in future. And they are way more fun than your average 9 to 5, and pay even better! But there hasn't been one single place to learn all these skills. Until now. Welcome to the Creator Accelerator Program. We designed this program to help you skyrocket your career as a creator. From learning how to grow on social media platforms, to building a network and accessing job opportunities with the world's top brands – this immersive program will transform your career in just 5 months. There’s room for everyone in this Revolution, but don’t waste another day. Join today.
Duration5 months
DatesStarts Jan 2023
FormatLive online classes
Skill levelBeginner-Intermediate

I am extremely happy with this course.

Joshua. F

Joshua. F


Are you struggling with these?These are some of the most common problems that creators face.

Your channel just isn't growing fast enough

Perhaps you have already tried many different strategies, but you're still growing slower than others.

You are running out of fresh, new ideas

It becomes increasingly harder to plan what type of content to create and share online.

You are feeling overwhelmed or lonely in the process

Others are finding success on social media and collaborating with each other – so how can you get involved?

People don't care about your product or messaging

You're investing so much into your company’s online presence, but nobody seems to be interested.

Here’s how we’ll help youGet access to experts, education, and opportunities in this program.

Live Online Classes

Unlike pre-recorded classes, you can get immediate feedback and learn directly from trainers who are actively working in their respective fields.

Proven Curriculum

Our students have graduated and become successful with over 500,000 followers in less than a year, using our tried-and-tested formula.

Practical Experience

This program is all about learning by doing. You will start creating from the start and work on at least 30 videos, using only your phone.

Guest Speakers

Tap into our global network of creators who have established businesses and get exclusive insights into the behind-the-scenes of social media.

Career Support

We’ll connect you to international brands who are looking to work with creators like yourself and help you perfect your pitch.

Nas Certification

Founded by Nas Daily (54 million followers), Nas Academy is globally recognized so you’ll stand out by earning our program certificate.

Success storiesMeet our
millionaire graduates

Nas Academy Alumni

Student work

Brands our alumni work with

Crazy work of art in creating this irresistible course!

Ernest H.

Ernest H.


Learn from our expert trainersOur lineup of program trainers are all current social media content creators.
Our past guest speakers We invite some of the top creators in different business niches to share insider tips and tricks.
CurriculumYour 5-month learning journey
5 months
1 live sessions per week
4h per week commitment
01Master the Art of Social Media Storytelling

If you want a viral video that will reach thousands of people, you have to start by perfecting the script first. No matter what type of content you create or what message you want to share, storytelling is a fundamental skill to learn and practice – which is why you will write at least 50 scripts by the end of this program.

Learn the basic writing principles, recommended structure, and various styles of storytelling that will help you get started on your first script

Understand the golden rules behind stories that people find interesting

Discover how to use and play with words to instantly hook your audience

Identify your niche and find an audience so that you can better plan the content ideas and creative style behind your channel

Study our tried-and-tested processes that will help you maximize productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency across all of your writing work

02The Basics of Content Creation for All Social Platforms

Every social media platform has a different algorithm, and you’ll learn about that, but you also have to understand the basic techniques that’ll be the same across all your videos. By first developing a solid content creation process that works for you, you’ll be able to develop a unique style and keep your audience coming back for more.

Experiment with lighting and discover its impact on the viewing experience for your audience

Learn how to use shotlists and storyboards to make it as easy as possible to get the shot, without reshooting multiple times

Get comfortable with all the features you need when editing your video so that you can incorporate cuts, transitions, and music to tell an engaging story

Save time and avoid the most common mistakes the creators make when editing their videos for various social media platforms

03Create Better Videos and Get More Views

The best way to get better at creating videos is through practice, which is why you will create at least 30 videos by the end of this program. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll move on to more advanced techniques that are going to help you keep your content fresh and stand out online.

Discover how to use trends to your advantage and spot an opportunity to replicate techniques used in other videos

Deep dive into the world of sound design and learn how to manipulate different audio effects to create an emotionally compelling story

Take the production quality of your videos to the next level through set design and advanced editing techniques

Create basic visual effects and animations that will get people to stop scrolling and watch your video

04Grow Your Channels and Get More Loyal Followers

After all the effort to craft your content, now you want to share it with the world – and make sure that they see it! The goal is to get as many eyes on your videos as possible every time you post, and we will share exclusive insider tips and tricks that you can use to make it happen.

Get the latest insights and algorithm updates for all the major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to being discovered organically through search. Learn how to optimize your content with titles and hashtags

A look behind the scenes on how to find brand deals, approach brands, and build your network

Guidance on how to start building a freelance or full-time team to support you

05Make Money With Content Creation and Get Job Opportunities

Whether you’re working for a company or starting your own business, there are countless opportunities for content creators – and the career options are increasing every day. We will connect you with some of the world’s biggest creators and brands so that you can get the chance to pitch to them, and we’ll even advise you on how to perfect your portfolio.

Explore all of the job opportunities that’ll be available to you as a student in this program and create your portfolio according to your goals

Connect with other professionals and find ways to collaborate with each other

Create a business plan and get feedback from industry experts who already have experience in what you’re interested in doing

Meet brand representatives for job opportinities with international companies

Get the opportunity to join and potentially win one of our renowned Nas hackathons

Create at least 50 scripts and 30 videos
Get personalized feedback on your work
Master the end-to-end process of content creation
Build an online business or new career from scratch
Get career support from our network of professionals
Program starts in Jan 2023

One of the best decisions I've made!

Adaline O.

Adaline O.


What can you do with content creation skills? Guaranteed jobs of the future...
Independent Content Creator
TikTok Influencer
Discord Community Manager
Social Media Specialist
Digital Marketer
Content Producer
Video Editor
Sound Designer
Visual Effects Artist
Ready to accelerate your growth to the next level?We’re ready for you!
Applications will be subjected to approval
Create at least 50 scripts and 30 videos
Get personalized feedback on your work
Master the content creation process
Build an online business or new career
Get career support and networking

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How many sessions are there?

There are 20 structured sessions over 20 weeks (there will also be additional feedback sessions for those who need a bit more support and guidance).

Where will the Creator Accelerator Program sessions be held?

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I have no experience with content creation, is this the right program for me?

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Why does this program take 20 weeks to complete?

How much does this program cost?

Why is this program so expensive?

I am not ready to buy yet, is there a way I can find out more information?

I'm a business owner. How would this program be relevant for me?

I am not a full-time creator but I want to create content on the side, is this the right program for me?

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